House Dips

House Dips with warm za’atar bread GFOVO

Zulu Zaluk

Zulu Zaluk Warm salad of roasted aubergine, roasted capsicum, tomato, preserved lemon, olives & cos lettuce. GFV


Sardines Marinated in chermoula & harissa, lightly pan-fried with a rich tomato sauce. GFDF


Calamari Sumac salt & pepper seasoning with squid ink aioli. GFO

Chicken Wings

Chicken Wings Cooked in Hassan’s secret marinade & saffron blue cheese sauce. GF


B'stilla layers of spiced marinated chicken, glazed onion, almonds, orange blossom, sweet saffron sauce

Wild Mushroom & Artichoke Tart

Wild Mushroom & Artichoke Tart Wild Mushroom & artichoke tart with fried chickpeas & cauliflower. V

Afro BBQ Chicken

Afro BBQ Chicken Served with crushed avocado, roast Kipfler potatoes & spiced tomato coconut sauce. DFGF

Lamb Sosaties

Lamb Sosaties Grilled backstrap with roasted root veg, saffron sour cream & a sweet apricot madras sauce. GF
Tajines are unique to North Africa and are found in every home in Morocco. Tajine is the name of both the dish itself and the serving pot it is cooked and served in.

Vege Tajine

Vege Tajine Seasonal vegetables in a tomato concasse, fresh coriander & ras el hanout sauce with roasted marinated eggplant & cumin chickpeas. GFV

Fish Tajine

Fish Tajine Blue eye cod with our tomato chermoula, capsicum, potato, preserved lemon & Moroccan spices. GFDF

Chicken Tajine

Chicken Tajine Served with olives, preserved lemon, spiced onion & saffron potatoes. GFDF

Sweet Lamb Tajine

Sweet Lamb Tajine Lamb shank cooked with caramelised onions, almonds & prunes served with egg. GFDF

Kefta Tajine

Kefta Tajine Traditional beef meatballs in a spiced sauce tomato with green peas, with an egg poached in the sauce prior to serving, as served in the Harem. DF

Vege Couscous

Vege Couscous Couscous with seasonal vegetables served with sweet chickpeas & a vegetable broth. V

Lamb Couscous Bidaoui

Lamb Couscous Bidaoui Tender marinated lamb & veg served with sweet chickpeas & a vegetable broth. DF

Couscous Royale

Couscous Royale A combination of marinated lamb, chicken pieces and lamb merguez sausages served on a sizzling hot plate served with sweet chickpeas & a vegetable broth, serves two people. DF

Berber Bread

Berber Bread Server with garlic and herb butter, tomato chermoula, and grilled cheese.

Mini Chicken Tajine

Mini Chicken Tajine Served with rice or couscous. GFODF


Briouats Sweets chicken and saffron caramelized onion deep-fried pastry rolls.

Summer Salad

Summer Salad Fennel, orange, ruby grapefruit, soft herbs, mixed leaves, with a coconut & preserved lemon dressing. GFV

Roasted Pumpkin

Roasted Pumpkin Served with toasted almonds & labneh. GFVO

Darna's Fattoush Salad

Darna's Fattoush Salad Tomato, cucumber, parsley, quinoa, red onion, mint & crispy pita with a pomegranate molasses & sumac dressing. GFO


Broccoli Served with chill, anchovy & olives. GFDF


Couscous Couscous. V

Saffron Jasmine Rice

Saffron Jasmine Rice Moroccan saffron jasmine rice. GFV

Preserved Lemon

Preserved Lemon Hassan's famous preserved lemon. GFV

Mixed Olives

Mixed Olives A selection of olives. GFV

Moroccan Chocolate Cake

Moroccan Chocolate Cake Warm flourless with dates, almonds & vanilla ice-cream. GF